Akcja solidarnościowa w Tartu (Estonia)

W Tartu została zorganizowana akcja solidarnościowa z krakowskim skłotem „Gromada”

Odezwa od ekipy z Tartu: Once upon a time, humble squatters of the fairy city of Kraków were
living calmly in their palace – and their king was dead… So the dark
forces of mighty neo-liberal nationstate were surging against their home
and thus threatening their peaceful harmony…
Anna Haava squat is showing solidarity with the squatters in Poland. If
necessary, we are willing to come and help fixing, what has been broken.
Furthermore, if necessary, we will launch our secret weapon Santa Anna, a
mutant killing machine, grown up in the swirling chaos of the free shop,
to fight polish police brutality.
Be prepared! Join forces in our struggle for autonomy!

Dziękujemy!!!! Thank you! We will contact you when the time will come!

tutaj adres skłotu w Tartu: http://squatartu.wordpress.com/1 2 3



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